Is the safety glove still safe?

In 2017, many new customers asked us for an inquiry.

Many regular customers are stuck in consulting gloves above the price. For example, customers often ask: Could you make a thinner product to reduce the cost of the glove? Could you quote your lowest price when the quality of the product is acceptable? How can you make the product more competitive in the field I sell?

But they usually ask us: Do you have a CE certificate for your product? Could your products pass through the latest EU certified EN388:2016 standards? Do your products don’t release toxic substances when they are in contact with food?

I know that our customers are all professional buyers, and they are much admired. They know more about safety gloves than our professional gloves producers. Some customers use a single weight to give a price that we are just well acceptable but a little hard. LOL

In fact, the invention of gloves is due to the rubber molding technology invention, and its use to produce human ability and cleverness, similar to human “second skin” like gloves, to protect our hands at work is not the external material damage to our palms.

Therefore, whether it’s industrial gloves or household waterproof and clean gloves, or disposable natural latex surgical gloves, gloves are all protective products for protecting our body. So, can the protective products be used to produce inferior products in the way of cutting down material? The safety glove is no longer safe.

Well, my boss is not a man of interest. My boss often prefers not to take orders from many large customers, and to ensure that the products sold to customers can be reassuring. So, we are often complaining that the price is too high or that we simply don’t respond to us.

Especially for household cleaning gloves. As a factory specializing in the manufacturing of rubber gloves, we insist on using 100% latex and no stuffing when producing, and use the technology of soaking down which can make people more comfortable. Well, our price is higher than a lot of factories. You have to know some household gloves and can only be used in one time. And our gloves can be used repeatedly in the soaking of detergent. Every time my boss doesn’t seduce the big orders from the customer, I feel my pocket and then instilling the concept in my heart: to be safe!

Of course, we have our disadvantages, too. The manufacturer of natural latex gloves is in the world’s leading position in the factory in Malaysia. The Malaysia factory is close to the origin of the rubber tree and saves a lot of cost in the transportation of raw materials. Second, Malaysia’s factory production lines are highly automated so that their products are of uniform quality and high production, so that prices can be made very low. So, Malaysia’s natural latex gloves can be said to be the best quality and price ratio. No one. Just, highly automated factories, MOQ will be very high. They usually work with big buyers.

Why do we insist on manufacturing high quality household cleaning gloves in China, which are not equal to those of Malaysia enterprises in terms of price and quality?

In fact, our factory is the first to do China’s domestic market. When the import and export of China is still popular, our factory is one of the main production bases of household cleaning gloves in the south of China. After the later development, the most advantageous products of our work are thickened industrial gloves and wrinkled gloves. Our factory’s natural latex industrial gloves can be said to be one of the number two in China. Because industrial gloves need to be impregnated many times, it must be made with the hands of the classic production process, and the automation can not be realized. The production line that leads to our home home glove can only follow the trend. Because our MOQ is lower than Malaysia (but actually to 20000 pairs), so we in the global market but also occupy a certain share.

Well, I feel that my own sense of my own has become a company’s propaganda. In fact, my boss did not know that I wrote this article. The users who want to visit our website, or the readers who have seen this article, don’t have to see this article as our company’s propaganda.

Our company is not powerful to become someone else’s mouth talk degree.

Thanks in advance. – By Matt – Sunny Bryant