How to store natural latex gloves in summer?

In the hot summer, whether in daily life use or distributor put gloves inside the warehouse, if stored out of the way, latex gloves may become sticky because of high temperatures and affect service life. Then, we will briefly introduce the latex gloves in the summer storage notes:

First, put gloves in a cool place. Keep the temperature at 15-25 degrees. It’s the best. It won’t melt because it’s too hot, and it won’t be too cold to be stiff.

In addition, because of the natural things, latex gloves shelf life is generally in 2-3 years, it is recommended not to store too long.

We should pay attention to our daily life as below:

1, Storage after cleaning and make it dry
2, Do not touch the sharp, burr hard material, so as not to damage gloves
3, Do not use hot water soup, high temperature will accelerate the aging of gloves

If you have used gloves that are smelly and difficult to remove, you can wash them with lemon slices.

Today, latex gloves have become a household necessity for the daily life of citizens. It’s a common thing to go shopping and buy some soft and clean latex gloves and go home to wash the dishes and clean the table and the windows. However, when you buy latex gloves, be careful, be sure to distinguish the pros and cons, beware of being fake and inferior latex gloves are hurt. Because inferior latex gloves will not only make you spend undeserved money, but also affect your health.