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Food contact rubber gloves are commonly used in food processing plants. As the workshop usually needs to work under extremely wet conditions, a pair of thick and wrinkled latex gloves is often more suitable for protecting hands than disposable gloves and ordinary household rubber gloves, and preventing the hand skin from being damaged due to long-term immersion. Besides, a pairs of gloves that have been proved to be free of harmful substances when gloves need to contact with directly edible food.

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Passed the test of food safety gloves with EN1186, free of bisphenol A.


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In general, we need a high MOQ to make food contact rubber gloves on production. But we will also provide small batch production for trial order customers. Please contact us for free samples.

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Item No. H2R-35
Salmon Processing Wrinkle Palm Rubber Gloves


Item No. H2B-35
Salmon Processing Wrinkle Palm Rubber Gloves


Item No. H2N-55
Salmon Processing Wrinkle Palm Rubber Gloves


Item No. H2N-45
Salmon Processing Wrinkle Palm Rubber Gloves


Item No. H2N-35
Salmon Processing Wrinkle Palm Rubber Gloves


Item No. H2N-32
Salmon Processing Wrinkle Palm Rubber Gloves


Food Contact Rubber Gloves Specialists at Sunny Bryant

When handling food, remember that good food safety practices are always a top priority. Whether in the food processing industry dealing with poultry or in the food service industry turning raw food into ready to eat food, it is essential to protect food from bacteria and viruses transferred from the gloved hand. Gloves as PPE play an important role in strengthening your food safety program to prevent foodborne diseases. Therefore, business owners and safety supervisors must be aware of these standards when selecting gloves for handling food. However, when we talk about safety gloves for food handling, as a manufacturer of rubber gloves, we need to clarify one thing. We often see people wearing disposable gloves when handling food, whether in bakeries, hawker stalls or restaurant kitchens. However, do you know that reusable rubber gloves that meet certain regulations can also safely handle food?

Safety Regulations For Food Contact Safety

Gloves in contact with food must comply with the regulations on food contact materials as described in Framework Regulation (EC) No. 1. 1935/2004。 This regulation sets out general requirements to ensure that gloves do not have a negative impact on food and do not pose a threat to human health. In addition, gloves used to contact food must be manufactured in accordance with good manufacturing practices as described in Regulation (EC). 2023/2006。

In order to ensure that gloves are suitable for contact with food, they must be composed of substances suitable for use, and must meet a series of test requirements to ensure that gloves will not release harmful substance contact to the food in contact with them, reducing their quality.

Gloves can be made of plastic or rubber. Plastic gloves must comply with Regulation (EU) no. 10/2011, as amended, which specifies the chemical composition and testing requirements that gloves must meet. This includes overall migration according to EN1186 series and specific migration according to EN13130, provided that gloves contain substances subject to specific migration restrictions. The regulation also describes what information should be provided in the declaration of compliance to ensure that sufficient information about gloves is communicated to users.

For gloves made of rubber, there is no uniform material specific legislation. However, Germany, France, the Netherlands and other countries have national requirements for rubber products in contact with food. These national legislation can be used to demonstrate compliance with the Framework Regulation (EC) no. 1935/2004.

Why Are Thick Rubber Gloves Better For Food contact?

Workers are processing barbed aloe by hand; They are processing fish, which may cause the risk of being injured by sharp fish bones, or even let water penetrate the glove surface due to the high humidity environment. What’s your opinion? Would you consider using thicker gloves for such applications? We just want to point out the fact that the selection of gloves PPE in the food processing industry depends largely on the process application. From poultry processing to canning processing, workers engaged in different processes may have different needs for hand protective equipment. It is recommended that your employees be involved and try on some samples of gloves before replacing them. Please feel free to contact our glove experts for advice on food processing gloves.

Main Advantages of food contact Rubber Gloves

First of all, the natural latex gloves can pass the EN1186 food safety test, and will never remove harmful substances from the gloves to contaminate food. Secondly, unlined gloves are chlorinated and easy to wear. Since the gloves are unlined, it eliminates the risk of contamination of food by fluff from gloves with flocking lining.

In addition, grip is particularly important when handling food. Imagine that even if you wear gloves, your fish or potatoes will slip away in the next second. It’s totally unacceptable, isn’t it? Applications involving the handling of poultry, seafood, raw potatoes and other smooth surface vegetables and some red meat products may require gloves with raised patterns, textures or embossed surfaces to promote better grip.

Finally, the color of gloves. A worker in a food processing factory wore a pair of natural rubber gloves to process chicken. Suddenly, the rubber gloves were torn to pieces. Do you see the problem here? The problem is that the color of gloves is similar to that of poultry. It is difficult for workers to find broken pieces of gloves. If the gloves are damaged and accidentally transferred during the food processing, and finally fall into the hands or mouth of the end customer, it is definitely a bad experience. Therefore, if you are purchasing gloves for food processing purposes, it is best to share more information with the glove manufacturer about the process the gloves will be handled.

How To Choose food contact Rubber Gloves?

Whether you’re a brand company, wholesaler or business owner, there are essentially two main purposes that buying food contact rubber gloves: purpose and safety. To attain your needs, there are three main things you have to keep in mind.

Before anything else, you have to first establish what is your purpose. With the plethora of choices in the market, your answer to this will help narrow down which food contact rubber gloves you will need for your project.

Next is your food contact rubber gloves supplier. When it comes to guaranteeing safety, it’s important that you choose a reliable and established food contact rubber gloves manufacturer with years of experience under their belt. A good supplier will make sure that the products are tested before delivery to ensure quality.

Lastly, consider customer testimonials. Reviews provide useful insight into the long-term performance of the products making them a highly reliable means to determine the effectiveness of the product.

Our Certificate

We have CE EN388 / EN374 certificate for industrial rubber and EN1186 certificate for the food contact rubber gloves. Almost all of our safety gloves meet CE quality requirements.

EN374 Certification 211-300

CE EN374

EN388 Certification 211-300

CE EN388

EN1186 Certification 211-300

CE EN1186

Trusted Customers

Without the customer’s agreement, we will not disclose the customer’s information at will. Here we express our gratitude to our customers for their kindly trust.

FAQs About Rubber Gloves Supply

During our 30 years manufacturing safety rubber gloves, Sunny Bryant has accumulated a lot of experience. Here are the most common concerns of our customers:

OEM gloves have always been the link between us and customers for in-depth cooperation. In 2018, we cooperated with the Norwegian market to develop food contact salmon handling gloves. In 2019, we cooperated with the Mexican market to develop industrial rubber gloves with diamond palmprint. Our customers have gained rich benefits from these products.

TT is the most commonly used method because it is convenient and reliable for both parties. At the same time, we have experience in cooperate with customers by D/P or L/C. If you have been with us for years and run into cash flow problems, we offer OA.

The minimum order quantity for our gloves is 5000 pairs per item. We can accept 2000 pairs per style for trail orders. The warranty period of latex / rubber gloves is generally recommended to be 3 years. So we will not store a large number of products in the stock, we need to do mass production after your order is placed.

Some customers have developed their businesses and asked us to help provide PPE related products. We have also done a good job. We have provided a series of related products for medical brands and PPE brands, such as safety helmets, safety shoes, disposable protective clothing, disposable masks, disposable gloves and other products.

We are the manufacturer of rubber gloves. Our latex gloves factory located in Yangjiang city, Guangdong Province. Those non latex gloves, such as nitrile gloves, coated gloves and other products, we have many years of cooperation with the factory partners to develop together.

A leading supplier of rubber gloves in China, we producing heavy duty rubber gloves, latex household gloves, chemical resistant rubber gloves and food contact rubber gloves. We also offer work gloves, coated gloves, cold proof gloves, disposable nitrile gloves etc.

Of course, we can visit our own factories or those of our partners. At present, we are preparing to build a new industrial latex glove factory. I think we can provide a better experience in the future.

As a leading rubber gloves manufacturer & supplier in China, our MOQs are usually high. From 2022, we will cooperate with several major domestic brands to sell disposable nitrile gloves. We can supply this product to you for small orders.

Yes, we have been a leading rubber glove factory in China since 1986. Initially, we supplied industrial and household glove only to the domestic market. Since 2006, we have begun to export different safety gloves overseas, so you can count on us as one of your PPE partner.

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We are looking forward to working with you. We offer high quality Rubber Gloves and Industrial Gloves at a competitive price. If you have any inquiry, please contact us via phone or email as listed below. Feedback will be sent within 24 hours.


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