Butyl Rubber Gloves 12.5″

Item No. BM-01

  • Military grade standard

  • Efficient protection of ketones and esters

  • Resistance to 98% sulfuric acid and 40% sodium hydroxide

  • 100% Precipitate free

  • One of the 5 factories with the Chinese government’s production license.

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Butyl Rubber Gloves 12.5″ Item No. BM-01

12.5″ diamond palm butyl rubber gloves, green color, palm thickness 39mil, sleeve thickness 39mil, 155g/pair, palm width 4.7″, Nylon lining.

Butyl nylon lining industrial gloves are industrial gloves made of butyl latex as main raw material and nylon fiber as lining. The main material of the glove is low permeability, excellent air tightness, internal heat, ozone resistance, wear resistance and good aging resistance. Its protective ability and durability are much better than those of natural rubber gloves.

This product we adopt low temperature processing technology unique, glove flexibility increases, palm texture clear, significantly reduce the odor of gloves.

This glove has excellent chemical resistance, can resist high strength acid and base, can resist toxic substances, and has a certain radiation protection effect.

Butyl nylon lining industrial gloves are widely used in chemical industry, construction, printing and dyeing, bleaching and dyeing, electroplating, aquaculture, salt, irradiation etc.

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