Butyl Glove Box Gloves 26.7″

Item No. BM-02

  • Vacuum box available

  • Efficient protection of ketones and esters

  • Resistance to 98% sulfuric acid and 40% sodium hydroxide

  • 100% Precipitate free

  • One of the 5 factories with the Chinese government’s production license.

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Butyl Glove Box Gloves 26.7″ Item No. BM-02

Length 26.7″, diameter  6.7”, smooth palm butyl glove box gloves, green color, palm thickness 49mil, sleeve thickness 49mil, 615g/pair, palm width 4.7″, Nylon lining.

Butyl glove box gloves is mainly used in medicine, biological technology production, semiconductor and general manufacturing dry box operation, as well as high chemical hazard occasions.

With unique cryogenic treatment technology, the nylon lining is better embedded in the inner layer of the glove, which gives the palm and finger a more comfortable feel of the dress.

Butyl rubber glove has good thermal and chemical stability, but also has good air tightness and water tightness, air transmittance is only natural rubber 1/7, the dog is to filter water oxygen natural rubber gloves for the 1/200. value of the environment is very strict. The gloves are soft and highly sensitive.

Production licenses will be provided to customers who wish to cooperate. Thank you for your kindly understanding.

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